Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Busy bee

Hello pretty people , been busy with college ,how's april anyone ? mine was so far so good,1week of class we already have tons of assignment, need to start with our bridge design, shop review essay and material and furnishes ! 

Anyways with all these stress we managed to pampered ourself with good food.Brought them to PLAN B publika ,so these are my bitches <3. i seriously can t imagine going college without them , i am so glad i have friends like them , seriously love them to the max .

Building and construction design today, these are done by the seniors and we have to build somthing like this at the end of the semester, i simply loveeeeee this design ! simple and also a environmental   friendly design 

this month is gonna be our one year anniversary , can t wait for our anniversary <3

Sunday, April 1, 2012

hello sunday !

Blog while my tummy is bloating, feel like a fat fuck !, i always like how my boyfriends calls me FATTYYYYYYYY instead of baby !anyways spent the whole day spring cleaning at my old house, not many of my friends know that i moved From a lande to condo ! such a big change ! but i still get my own room and bathroom.

So glad that my mum is a interior designer. so proud of her, she did a great job decorating our house.
My fav part of the house is the living room, u get to enjoy the KL view and also i have my own stars right up the ceiling wall.these are fibre optic lights!
this is why i took interior architecture ! mum get to help me with all the assignment ! 

Picture of the day : the view 

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Earth Hour

By the way not wearing my contact lense either my glasses , so i am practically half blind. Earth Hour today! and april fools tomorrow! such a long day , felt kinda bad, went to Qing MIng today ! we supposed to save the earth today but ended up burning stuff.Plus  managed to wake up 5am today, with no puffy eyes *blush* . no candle light dinner with ze boyfriend today =( 
Picture of the day : VAIN 

Friday, March 30, 2012

Post two

Post number two, spirit of blogging is back ! wait till you see my spirit will slowly 3,2,1 .Everyone seems so emo nowadays so many things happen among my friends , break up, drama, and other annoying stuff. Well for me this week went perfectly fine , movie date with ze boyfriends. PLEASE I WARN YOU DO NOT WATCH WRATH OF TITANS.bored like fuck. i expect alot from this movie, the trailer was really amazing but the movie was not even near to amazing.not even near!

Boyfriend here playing his fav video game. Bought COD for his birthday last year.THIS IS WAY BEFORE THE 9GAG THINGY. everyone thought i got influence with 9gag.Spent my friday night with one of my highschool friend LOOI yeap, sorry for the bad quality.Iphone still have to work on the quality , hate taking pictures at night 

TIP: To have a nice picture at night make sure to have bright  light, usually when i have photoshoot at night i will usually use really bright this is one one my pictures.

Pictures of the night <3

PICTURE OF THE DAY: always have a boyfriend tee 

will have "pic of the day " in every post 
all pictures taken by me 

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Not so New

i finally start blogging! stopped blogging for like a year , i miss blogging so much , well basically this blog is gonna be different than my previous blog , mostly blog about photography stuff and a little bit of my life. .  i promise from the bottommmmmm of my pretty little heart that i will try to blog frequently . well for those new readers this is me 

A really attracting photo of me .

and most of my followers would know that i have a cina boyfriend, my sexy bitch , Bryan Chung <3

 i am a not so professional photographer, i wouldn t call myself a professional, i have not reached that level yet. but i have a page Keep Calm And Snap On , and i love my fans !

sooooooo. thats about it , felt really weird blogging , i have no idea what to blog 
goodnight earthlinks =)


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